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Can I use my 529 for online shopping? Yes, here's how: 529 Withdrawal tips and tricks

The 529 Store simplifies using 529 college savings for qualified educational expenses by ensuring product eligibility, providing easy documentation, and offering direct plan withdrawals through a Backpack account, thus maximizing the plan’s benefits for families.
Darryn McCleland
April 12, 2024

Laptops or Tablets for College? Making Smart Tech Choices with Your 529 Plan

Diving into the great debate between choosing tablets or laptops for educational pursuits with a 529 plan in hand. We're breaking down the pros, cons, and top picks to help you decide what's really worth your investment and how it aligns with your (or your kid’s) study need

Darryn McCleland
April 22, 2024

Tech Trends for the Modern Student: What’s Worth Your 529 Investment?

This article explores the latest tech trends shaping the modern educational landscape and evaluates which ones are worth investing in through a 529 savings plan. From smart wearables to educational software subscriptions, find out how to use your 529 plan to support your or your beneficiary’s learning journey effectively.

Darryn McCleland
April 19, 2024

Unlock Student Productivity: Software You Can Buy With Your 529

Discover how to use your 529 savings plan to get essential software that boosts your studies and creativity. Our top picks include Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Slack, and Figma - all aimed at making schoolwork easier and more efficient.

Callum Bedos
April 17, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Electrical Engineering Essentials: Tools and software you can buy using your 529 College Funds

Discover the top tools and software every electrical engineering student needs to excel. From essential software like Altium for circuit design, to hands-on tools such as soldering iron kits and digital multimeters, we cover the best investments for your 529 college funds.

Darryn McCleland
April 16, 2024

529 Smart Buys: Top Amazon Basics Products for Savvy Students

Discover how to make the most of your 529 college savings plan by investing in essential Amazon Basics products. From tech gadgets to study aids, we highlight must-have items that blend quality, affordability, and educational utility for students.

Callum Bedos
April 15, 2024

Best Apple products you can buy with your 529

Many Apple products qualify as 529 plan eligible expenses because they can be used for educational purposes. We explore the best products that Apple have to offer students.

Callum Bedos
April 15, 2024

Navigating Tax Season: Maximizing 529 Plan Benefits with The 529 Store Purchases

Confused about reporting 529 plan withdrawals on taxes? This guide breaks it down for you! Learn the difference between qualified & non-qualified expenses and the forms you'll need. Plus, Backpack offers 529 accounts, digital payments, and tracking tools to make tax season a breeze. Focus on your child's education, let Backpack handle the filing!

Darryn McClelnd
April 12, 2024

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