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What is the 529 Eligibility Guarantee?

The 529 Eligibility Guarantee (the “Guarantee”) is how we back up the promise to you that what we have said is eligible, is eligible. We know the anxiety that comes with trying to figure out what may be eligible, and that sinking feeling that the IRS is going to come knocking. This is our way of taking that stress away. Yes you can think of us as your 529 therapist if you’d like.

This Guarantee gives you following great benefits:

  1. Tracking and Documentation of qualified expenses and receipts
  2. First-class support in the event of an IRS Audit
  3. Reimbursement of taxes and penalties imposed by the IRS for Qualified Purchases

All Qualified Purchases will be covered by the Guarantee automatically.

What is a Qualified Purchase?

A Qualified Purchase is a purchase of a 529 eligible product or service, made by you, that satisfy the following:

  1. You found the product or service, and navigated to the Amazon page, by clicking a link on
  2. You purchased the product or service within 24 hours of clicking the link and navigating to the Amazon page
  3. You purchased the product or service using your Backpack account (more on how to do that here)

For now, only purchases made on Amazon via links directly on the website are qualified. We are constantly working to onboard new merchant partners so lookout for this to change soon!

Why aren’t all purchases covered if I use a payment method that isn’t a Backpack account?

We would love to be able to provide blanket guarantees on all the products we market. However, the IRS has created complicated eligibility criteria that means a product or service’s eligibility status is dependent on the unique situation of you and/or your designated beneficiary on your 529 account.

Put simply, we need to know a little more about you to be able to guarantee the eligibility of certain products and services. Opening a Backpack account lets us do that!

Is there any other way to have my purchases covered by the 529 Eligibility Guarantee?

Yes! We have created a solution that provides coverage without having to make purchases using a Backpack account. Read more about our 529 Purchase Protection service on the Backpack website.

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What is 529 Store?
The 529 Store is the first of its kind online marketplace designed specifically for students and parents to purchase educational products and services that are qualified under 529 savings plans. This platform streamlines the process of using 529 plan funds by offering a wide selection of eligible items, such as textbooks, software, and other educational resources, in one convenient location, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your 529 college savings plans.
What does "529 eligible" mean?
529 eligible" refers to products and services that can be purchased using funds from a 529 college savings plan without incurring taxes or penalties. These are typically educational-related expenses, including tuition, books, supplies, and equipment required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. For more detailed information on what qualifies as a 529 eligible expense, we recommend referring to IRS Publication 970, which provides guidelines on tax benefits for education. At, we ensure that our product range aligns with these criteria, providing peace of mind to our customers. To access IRS Publication 970, you can visit the official IRS website or follow this link.
Are all of your products 529 eligible?
Yes, every product available on has been carefully selected to ensure it meets the criteria for 529 plan eligibility. Some products may have restrictions around eligibility which we provide an overview on the product details page (you can read more by clicking “is it eligible” on the product). You should also be aware of any rules specific to your 529 plan or state may impose. Our commitment is to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for those using 529 savings plans, ensuring that all items in our store contribute directly to educational needs.
Can I still shop if I don't have a 529 plan?
Absolutely! While our store is tailored for customers using 529 plans, anyone interested in purchasing high-quality educational materials and technology is welcome to shop with us. Our wide selection make us an excellent choice for all your educational needs, regardless of payment method.
What is a 529 account?
A 529 account is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs. 529 plans, also known as "qualified tuition plans", are sponsored by states, state agencies, or educational institutions and are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. The range of qualified education expenses that a 529 can be used on has expanded over the years to cover more than just tuition related enrollment fees. Now a broad range of tuition and non-tuition expenses, such as trade schools and laptops and even room & board, are eligible expenses.

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